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Hello! My name is Jess and I live with my husband in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the sunny state of California. A Coastal View was created to share photography, inspiration, and ideas – Most of which are also memories captured in our day-to-day lives. We love to explore around the San Francisco Bay Area by checking out new hikes, beaches, coffee shops, and fun places to eat. We also enjoy working on our new home. You can usually catch us gardening, taking care of our chickens, or doing some sort of home improvement around the house.

While I would expect most of my followers to be friends and family, I am always happy to have new followers. The Homepage of this site will feature all of my latest posts, the Gallery will feature my portfolio shots, and the Shop will link you to my page on Etsy. If you would like to follow my blog please click on the square icon near the top left of any page and type in your email.

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