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Just outside of London: Dover & Canterbury

The next stop on the tour was Dover, which is a little town and major ferry port in South East England. It faces France on the narrowest part of the English Channel. The surrounding cliffs are known as the ‘white cliffs of Dover’. Archeological finds have shown that this town has been inhabited since the stone age.

IMG_4536 IMG_4544

Check out the castle on top of the white cliffs…IMG_4545 IMG_4549 IMG_4556 IMG_4566 IMG_4574After our short stop in Dover, we drive to Canterbury.

IMG_4590 IMG_4594


IMG_4604Canterbury is known mainly for 3 things: its coast line, its pretty country side, and its historical buildings – especially its world famous cathedral. IMG_4607 IMG_4613 IMG_4615 IMG_4619 IMG_4620

This is my first time to Europe and also my first cathedral. I have to say it was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe how HUGE and VAST it was. Pictures cannot describe it. The details on every single wall, window, or trim were so intricate. I felt two ways about it…

1) It was really neat to see the art and historical side

2) I couldn’t stay in there very long because at the same time it was depressing. The feeling was religious and oppressive.

IMG_4629 IMG_4631 IMG_4638 IMG_4642 IMG_4647

This was one of my favorite parts. I loved the ceiling in this room…IMG_4650 IMG_4651 IMG_4652 IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4658 IMG_4660

Side note: I think statues of dead people are creepy…IMG_4667 IMG_4669 IMG_4673

And that concludes my trip to Dover & Canterbury – Which also concludes my pictures of the London and surrounding area in England that I was able to visit during my few days.

Next post: Paris!

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