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London: Notting Hill

Have you ever heard of the movie ‘Notting Hill’ with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts? It’s a cute romantic comedy set in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London – which is one of the reasons why I wanted to visit this neighborhood.

I went on a week day morning, so there were not any farmer markets open. There were cute little stores, street stands, and coffee shops to explore though.

This was a really cute store with all kinds of antique and unique finds…


I got Ryan a compass that once belonged to the Royal Navy of London in 1941:


IMG_4152 IMG_4154

I think this was a designer jean store, but I thought their display of old singer sewing machines was pretty cool…IMG_4159 IMG_4162

At last, it’s time for a latte and people watching…IMG_4168Next post: London, Thames River

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