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London: Thames River & Buckingham Palace

I apologize in advance to my followers who receive an email every time I post. There isn’t very many of you and the majority are close family and friends… so perhaps you don’t mind not getting an update from me for 4 months and then all the sudden start getting them daily! My excuse is that this is the first chance that I have had the time to post pictures from this year and going forward I will likely only be posting baby pictures… so I might as well get all of our 2014 adventures uploaded and documented!

I say documented, because my blog is more like a personal photo journal that I get to share with a few people. It’s nice to have it, so that Ryan and I can look back on memories, like we used to in the old days (you know, back when you printed photo’s and put them in a book).

Ok, so on with my post of London…

The next day of my lone exploring consisted of taking a ferry ride down Thames River and hearing about all the architecture you can see on either side, as well as the awesome bridges you get to pass under.


IMG_4172 IMG_4179The royal festival hall:IMG_4181 IMG_4188The Waterloo Bridge:IMG_4208The  London Eye (shown below) looks as if it is not moving. However, when we got closer to it – you could tell it was moving very slowly. People can ride in the little glass bubbles to get a view of the city as it turns.

IMG_4182St Peter’s Cathedral:IMG_4214The red columns you see here are what is left from the old railway, but it was too expensive to remove them so they have been left here.IMG_4222Starting to come up on the famous London Bridge…  IMG_4254 IMG_4256

IMG_4270A view of Buckingham Palace from the ferry:IMG_4261The traitor’s gate:IMG_4268And I got off at the Buckingham Palace to tour…


View from the courtyard:IMG_4274

Traitors gate from the inside of the castle:IMG_4278 IMG_4290

Why is it so exciting to see British soldiers in person! I don’t know, but it is! Maybe its the fancy outfits or the way they walk to straight and in sync.

The tour guide says they were going to get the new code which changes twice a day. They are actually called the ‘Grenadier Guards’. The sentry, which is part of the military guards stationed here to provide protection to the crown jewels.IMG_4293 IMG_4303

This info panel gives a good overview look of the entire palace:IMG_4308

This wall is the only piece that still stands from 1230 that was built under Henry III. Most everything else was demolished in the 17th century and then rebuilt.IMG_4309

This is the newer section of the palace. These cottages are where the military and other palace workers live:IMG_4313

Inside the church section:IMG_4316



This 6 pounder bronze gun & carriage was cast by Maritz in the Netherlands in 1813, which was under the French control, for Napolean I whose crowned cipher is on the barrel. This fun is called ‘L’Etonennant’ which is ‘the thunderer’.IMG_4329 IMG_4331

I also did the tour of the crown jewels, although you cannot take picture of them – so I have none to share unfortunately. IMG_4336 IMG_4340 IMG_4342 IMG_4347 IMG_4348


And that concludes my adventure down the Thames River and the tour of Buckingham Palace.

Next post: Leeds Castle

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